We live in a world of seemingly endless information.  Yesterday, at our men’s Bible study, we were wondering what a hyssop plant looks like.  So, no fear, I could “ask” my “smart” phone and within milliseconds we had pictures of hyssop plants!  If we don’t know something, we’ll find out, right?

So what did Jesus do on Wednesday of Holy Week?  Did He do some more miracles?  Did He spend time teaching in the Temple courts?  Did He fend off more of the Pharisees and Chief Priests’ attacks?  Honestly…we don’t know.  In the most important week of all time, we have no idea what Jesus did on Wednesday!

But that leads us to be reminded of an important truth.  God tells us in His Word everything we NEED to know in order to go to heaven, but He doesn’t tell us everything we WANT to know.  Wouldn’t it be neat to know what Jesus did on Wednesday?  I’d like to know!  But God knew that I didn’t need to know it, so He chose not to include it.

And knowing that leads us to another important truth.  If something IS in the Bible, it’s because God thought it was really important and He wants us to know it, otherwise He wouldn’t have included it.

So that leads us to treasure even more what God DOES tell us.

Thank you, Lord, for telling me everything I NEED to know in order to get to heaven.  Lead me to treasure what you HAVE told me in Your Word, seeing it as vital for my life now, and for my eternity!