“Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come and has redeemed his people.” (Luke 1:68)

Have you taken your Christmas decorations down? It always amazes me how fast Christmas is considered old after December 25th. The department stores quickly clear out all their Christmas merchandise to make room for Valentine’s Day things – yes, you can already buy pink little hearts. No radio station that I’m aware of is still playing Christmas music. Christmas might be over, but what about our Christmas joy? You haven’t packed that away for a year have you?
This is a verse from Zechariah’s song of praise after the birth of his son John the Baptist. Zechariah knew that John was born to prepare the way for the Savior. And what does that lead Zechariah to do? What does the upcoming birth of Jesus lead Zechariah to do?
Break forth in praise! He’s astounded by the great things that God was doing! God was coming with help to rescue His people! God was coming to redeem His people! Zechariah was astounded with joy at Jesus’ coming.
Be astounded at the grace of your God who was born to save you! Be astounded by the truths of Christmas…all year long!
Rejoicing that God has come and has redeemed His people, just like you,