Sunday Adult Bible Study

Our adults dig into scripture concerning topics of interest and teachings of Christianity. Pastor leads this class and moderates the discussion. This class also meets at the same time as our Sunday School, every Sunday from 9:15 – 10:15 AM. This class gathers in the church fellowship hall for Bible study.

The current study is on the book of Acts.  All are welcome to join this class in-progress.  

Wednesday Family Night

Our Wednesday Family Night features an adult Bible study that is currently focused on Elijah and Elisha.

New students are welcome to attend this class Wednesdays at 7:00PM after the family supper.

Growing in Hope!

Growing in Hope! is our course on the basic teachings of the Christian faith – an opportunity to build faith and grow in our hope. Every person at some point has to ask themselves questions like, “Who am I and why am I here?”  “From where did I come?”  “Where am I going when I die?”  Those are questions to which we need answers.  Good news!  God has provided answers to those questions and many more in written form, in the Bible.  Growing in Hope is a regular 16-session, basics-of-the-Bible class, with each session lasting about an hour.  The Bible itself is the textbook.  Through it, you’ll gain a much deeper grasp of the main message of Scripture, that God loved you enough to save you!  You’ll also learn to read (and understand!) the Bible on your own.  And, you’ll see the answers to those questions, as well as many others.

There is a Growing in Hope! classes meeting Tuesdays at 7PM.

View the Growing in Hope! Binder Table of Contents

Hope Keeps Growing!

Hope Keeps Growing! is an extension of the Growing in Hope! class.  This is an opportunity to go deeper into 17 topics such as End Times, Theology, and Modern Moral Dilemmas.

There are no Hope Keeps Growing! classes currently in progress, however, watch for the announcement of a new class.