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My Son, My Savior Sermon Series – Both on Sunday and Wednesday worship services during Advent we will follow the theme “My Son, My Savior.” We’ll look at various ancestresses of the Savior and what the Lord wants us to know from them. Come!


my son my savior

My Son, My Savior DVDS available! The WELS has put out another evangelism movie called “My Son, My Savior” looking at Jesus’ mother Mary. We’ll have a showing of the DVD in place of Bible class on December 20th. If you’d like to purchase one of these DVDs, they are available at church for a suggested donation of $5. Please submit your donation in offering or put it in Doug Kranich’s mailbox.


Read or Listen to Sermons:

Nov. 29 – Eve “My Son, My Substitute”

Dec. 2 – Tamar “My Son, My Longing”

Dec. 6 – Leah “My Son, My Life”

Dec. 9 – Rehab “My Son, My Sanctifier”

Dec. 13 – Ruth “My Son, My Redeemer”

Dec. 16 – Bathsheba “My Son, My King”

Dec. 20 – Children’s Christmas Program “Did you know?”

Dec. 24th – Mary  “My Son, My Savior”

Dec. 25th – God’s Son, Our Savior