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Children’s Christmas Devotion
Christmas Account

We humans have this ability to be able to adapt in a certain way. For example, there was a time when I was younger when it really bothered me to listen to a baby cry…then I had children and now it’s just a normal sound to my ears. There was a time when I felt really cold when the temperature was 10 degrees outside…then I moved to Bemidji and that can be a pretty warm day during the winter.
We have a way of adapting to things that happen over and over again in our lives. Has that happened to you about Christmas? Christmas comes every year, every year we celebrate it, every year we sing the same songs, every year we hear the same account, every year we have the same traditions. Are you adapting to Christmas? Has Christmas become for you just another holiday, just another family get-together, just another event, just another thing? It’s easy for us to adapt to Christmas and forget what this all really means.
But that’s why we’re here, we’re here once again to marvel in amazement at what the children are about to tell us, we’re here to gasp in amazement at a message so simple that children can relay it to us and yet so profound we’ll never be able to hear it enough. And as we hear the message again think about what Christmas means. It means redemption, it means relinquishing and it means rejoicing.
Christmas means redemption. There’s a simple fact that can’t escape us here. Jesus was born to save us. Why was Jesus born to save us? Because we couldn’t do it. Christmas means you can’t save yourself! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or how much you have, you’re a sinner doomed to death, you can’t save yourself. So what does God do? He’s born into this world to save you and me! That’s redemption.
Christmas means relinquishing. We’ve come to think of Christmas as coziness, right? Twinkling lights, warm house, fire, chestnuts roasting on an open fire. But that’s really not what Christmas is! Christmas is straw and stench, not goose down fellow pillows, Christmas is God leaving absolute glory and perfection to live in this filthy and sinful world! He left security, safety, glory and riches, so that you through His poverty might be eternally rich! Christmas means relinquishing my selfish definition of life: I want a comfy home, an early retirement, a nice paycheck, Christmas means I’m ready to relinquish all that to keep my Savior number one in my life for He made me and my salvation number 1 in His.
Finally, Christmas means rejoicing. If everything that we’re going to hear this morning is true, and it is, then we have reason to be joyful no matter what. Why so? For we have a God who has stopped at nothing to be near us, close to us. Our God took on human flesh in order to live our perfect life for us, die our death for us, all so that we can live with Him forever. That’s what Christmas means and since God has done that for you, then most important thing in life is taken care of, your salvation, so you have every reason to rejoice.
Let’s not adapt to Christmas, as we hear it once again this morning, let’s marvel at what it means: redemption, relinquishing, and rejoicing.