October means Reformation for Lutherans

October, 2017

Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church

Martin Luther struggled with the church teaching that salvation could be reached by doing good works that were pleasing to God. If this were true, how could one know when one had done enough good works to earn salvation? Could one do enough good works early in their life and then they could live a life of leisure? Martin Luther found the answer in God’s Word that clearly stated it is by God’s grace through faith that one is saved.
When Adam and Eve sinned, God made a plan by which all people could be saved. He made this plan himself, He did not consult with Adam or Eve. Since only those who are holy can inherit eternal life, God’s plan would make us holy by sending His Son Jesus to be born as a human, live a perfect life, die on a cross, and raise himself again to life. This is God’s plan of salvation for all people and it was completed when Jesus said on the cross “it is finished” and then died. God’s plan has been completed. This means there is nothing more people can do to finish God’s plan. This is all people need to understand. Jesus opened the door to heaven for all who believe they need Jesus as their Savior.
Martin Luther’s reformation of the church brought this Gospel message back to the forefront of the church’s teachings. What peace of mind we have knowing that God has done everything to ensure our salvation, there is nothing we can do to ensure we are saved. What joy, love, and gratitude this understanding brings to the hearts of believers. It is God alone who gets the glory for our salvation. His plan to save us is solely out of His unconditional love for us. Let us remember each October that is was God who used Martin Luther in 1517 to return this gospel message to God’s church.