“Joab was told, ‘The king is weeping and mourning for Absolam.’ And for the whole army the victory that day was turned into mourning, because on that day the troops heard it said, ‘The king is grieving for his son.'” (2 Samuel 19:1-2)

Have you ever put something difficult off again and again and again? Maybe it’s that noise you’ve heard coming from your car, maybe it’s that homework or work assignment that’s due date keeps getting closer, maybe it’s that difficult conversation you need to have with your spouse. One lie that we can easily begin to believe is, “It’s easier to avoid the problem, than to face it.”
David seems to have told himself that lie. After one of his children committed a terrible sin, we’re never told that he confronted his son. That led to another son, Absalom, devising a plan and to murder his other son and carrying it out, that led to Absolam fleeing and not talking to his father, that led to Absalom plotting a conspiracy against his father, that led to Absalom rebelling against his father, that led to a civil war in which 20,000 Israelites died, that led to David almost losing his entire army. Wow! All because David refused to face his problems.
You see, problems don’t generally just go away, they pile up and become increasingly more difficult to deal with. What problems are you avoiding?
Well, why do we avoid dealing with problems? Doesn’t it come down to a lack of trust and faith in God? God’s promised to be with us always, to strengthen us and uphold us with His Word and promises, to never leave us or forsake us. When we avoid facing problems is it because we’re not trusting God?
But think about what God has done for us! Although God has no problems, He faced our biggest problem. The biggest problem that each of us has is our sin and it’s consequence of hell. But what did God do? Jesus came, Jesus faced our problem head on when He died on the cross and He over came our problem by rising from the dead and forgiving us for all those times we’ve foolishly tried to avoid problems than face them.
With a God who loves you that much there’s nothing to fear; you can trust Him to lead you through whatever you face and deal with problems instead of avoiding them!
Thanking God for His faithfulness, just like you,