“The man said, ‘The woman you put here with me- she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.'” (Genesis 3:12)

How many times a day do you say or at least rationalize in your thoughts, “It’s not my fault!” Instead of taking responsibility or owning up to our own faults and failures we can so easily become accustomed to blame shifting.
The poster child, of course, for this lie is Adam (and Eve). Adam blatantly and willfully trusted Satan and disobeyed God. Then, when God confronts him, when the Almighty God of all asks him what he has to say for himself, how does he respond? Basically, “Take her. She made me do it. It’s her fault. Send her to hell. Get me another wife.” And not only that, but notice who he’s really blaming. “The woman YOU put here…” In other words, “God, this is YOUR fault.”
It’s so easy, isn’t it? We find ourselves in a mess and immediately we’re searching for the closest people around us to point the finger at. We’re emotionally upset, angry, hurt and we try to assign the authority of our feelings on everyone else- as if they make us feel a certain way. We excuse our sin and it becomes more and more difficult to confess to God. “It was the situation, that’s why I did it.” “God made me this way.”
It’s not just the society we live in that constantly tries to shirk responsibility…it’s our own sinful hearts. We need a new heart that says, “Lord, my sin is my fault, my own fault, my own grievous fault and no one else’s, forgive me Lord!”
Finally, there’s only one person who could rightly say, “It’s not my fault, it’s not my mess, I obeyed…perfectly.” Only Jesus could say that. But what did He say instead? Essentially, “Don’t hold them accountable, hold me accountable, blame me for their sin, punish me instead of them.” And that’s what God did on the cross. There He paid for Adam’s sin, Eve’s, your’s, mine, and the sins of all!
Trusting that, we can admit our sins, confess them, trust in Jesus for forgiveness and say, “It’s my fault, but Jesus has forgiven me.” That’s the truth that sets us free!
Joyful for forgiveness, just like you,