Early Childhood Fund

One ministry that many WELS congregations have found to assist them in both growing in God’s Word and going with God’s Word to others is running an early childhood education center or preschool. Since this was also indicated as a high priority for many in the planning committee’s survey, please consider giving a special offering in addition to your current offerings to support this ministry endeavor. There is a poster and marked envelopes available in the entry area. A task force has been formed to look into this ministry further. If you are interested, please speak with Kyle Riess or Pastor Nitz.

September 2015 – Hopefully you received an Early Childhood Ministry survey in your church mailbox or email inbox. If you are a parent with small children, please fill out the paper or electronic form and return it by September 27. You can return paper copies to a marked box in the narthex. If you do not have children, please give your copy to someone in our community who does, so we can better understand the need for a childcare program in our area. Extra copies can be found by the marked box. Thank you! Any questions, talk to Paul Ekhoff.