“The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.” (Psalm 23:1-3)

Since I don’t personally own any sheep or have never had to take care of sheep, what I know about sheep is from what I’ve read or been told. One thing that I remember reading was about a “cast” sheep.
A cast sheep happens when the sheep somehow gets rolled onto its back and cannot right itself. Apparently it can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes a sheep that is too large can become cast when it tries lying down and its center of gravity shifts and it tumbles over. Sometimes a sheep will find the nicest, softest place to lie down, however, it’s too soft and the sheep tumbles over. Then the sheep will thrash and kick, but to no avail. If a predator comes the sheep is an easy target. If it is hot out, the gases in the sheep can actually cause death within hours.
Isn’t it interesting how God compares us to sheep and Himself to a Shepherd? It can be so easy for us to search out a comfortable life here on earth, to fill ourselves with the things of this world, to look for and get the “softest” things of life. But our chief predator knows that doing that comes with a high price tag. Our time with our Shepherd is choked out, the pastures of this world begin to look more appealing than the pastures of God’s Word, fellowship with fellow sheep becomes more of a burden than a pleasure. And soon our soul is cast and we’re in desperate need of rescue.
Wow! Do we need a Good Shepherd! We need His constant care and continual presence! We need His calming and nourishing voice in His Word! We need His alertness, His awareness, We need His protection and security! And in incredible love and mercy, in Jesus you have such a Good Shepherd! If Jesus was willing to lay His life down for you and take it up again, then He won’t hold your sins against you, but rather love to be with you through His Word and lead you through this life to the green pastures and quiet waters of life eternal!
Thankful to be in the Good Shepherd’s care, just like you,