August 2020

Hold out your hands.

When I would come home from work each day, my youngest daughter, Sara, would run out in the driveway to meet me. I would say, “close your eyes and hold out your hands.” She met me each day in anticipation of receiving a small gift. She would squeeze her eyes tight, and I would give her a small gift. It was usually the same…a roll of lifesaver candy (sometimes only a partial roll). 

My little “Love Bug” would treasure that small gift each day. It is a sweet memory of her as a small child, affectionately just called “Bugs” today.

As adults, sometimes we are afraid to close our eyes trustingly and hold out our hands, aren’t we? We are afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of what might be placed there. Maybe someone has hurt us and we are wary of being “burned” again. Maybe we had a father who never gave us a loving gift, or maybe we never knew a father’s love. Maybe we had a mother who withheld her affection, or maybe we had another adult in our lives who hurt us in ways we don’t want to speak about.

But God our heavenly Father won’t hurt us. He invites us to close our eyes and hold out our hands, palms open, to receive his good gifts of love. In fact, “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17).

Even those who love us most will hurt us sometimes. In beautiful contrast, we never have to worry about how God feels about us. He will never withdraw his gifts of love and forgiveness and eternal life. Go ahead—hold out your hands, unafraid, and receive God’s good gifts.

Elder’s Message—Adapted in part from Time of Grace —”Grace Moments”