January 2022

I feel lukewarm spiritually.

Nothing on this volatile planet ever stays the same, and that includes all our relationships. We are either growing closer to people or drifting away from them.

That’s true of our relationship with God too. It’s not that he has moved or lost any interest in us. Scripture says that our God does not change like shifting shadows. He is rock steady. It is we who change. Every day Satan presents us with various attractive idols to put into the center of our hearts and push God out. Every relationship consumes fuel, and if you don’t refill the tank, the relationship sags.

If you feel lukewarm spiritually-If the old stories of Creation, Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, and Pentecost no longer thrill your heart-If the Great Commission to make disciples of the world no longer stirs your blood, it may be time to be more intentional about refilling your tank with God’s Word. The Word brings reality, power, and clarity of purpose to our lives.

You may be feeling spiritually sluggish because you are far too inwardly focused. You might be just a little too full of yourself. The best medicine for unhealthy self-absorption is to become a servant again: “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25)

-Taken from Grace Moments.