Sermons on Isaiah

A Face Set Like Flint

↓ Download Service Folder 17th Sunday after Pentecost Isaiah 50:4-10 Introduction: None of us can read anyone else’s mind, we can’t look into the heart of the person sitting next to us and see what is really going on there.  That ability alone belongs to God – to discern the innermost thoughts, OUR most intimate…

Do All Major Religions Lead to the Same God?

6th Sunday after Pentacost, Isaiah 46:5-13
This weekend we celebrate our freedoms and express our gratitude to those who won those freedoms. But infinitely more importantly we celebrate the one and only true God, the God who reveals His heart to us in the Bible, the God who is the ultimate love, the one true God who has freed us from the curse of sin, slavery to sin, the guilt of our past sins, the tyranny of Satan, and given us freedom to serve and worship Him with thankful hearts.