The season we celebrate Christ’s return to heaven. Includes the Sunday of Ascension and the 7th Sunday of Easter

Look at His Power!

Ascension Day, Ephesians 1:16-23
So no matter what, no matter if you live or die, if you’re sick or healthy, if your life seems to go forward or seems to go backward, no matter what atrocious or awesome thing you hear in the news, trust that your Risen and Ascended Lord Jesus remains in control of all things, guiding, directing, ruling, and reigning for the good of His people, for you, to bring you into His eternal kingdom.

Live as Lived In, Love as Loved!

7th Sunday of Easter
God has picked us dirty, rotten, filthy specimens for His home. God has chosen to perfectly love us with a selfless, limitless, boundless, giving, and unconditional love. Focus on that. Think about those things. And live in response.