The season we celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

The Joy of Easter!

Easter Day 2018, Selected Texts
Imagine the disciples on that Saturday before Easter. Can you imagine? Think about what might have been going through their minds- “Jesus is dead, he seemed so powerless, couldn’t he have stopped it if he wanted? We thought he was going to be the Savior. We thought he was going to be president and we’d be in his cabinet, but now he’s dead. Did we just waste these past 3 years of our lives? And worst of all…our Savior is dead.”

Jesus, Our Eternal High Priest

Easter Sunrise, Hebrews 7:23-27
Throughout the OT there were good priests and their were bad priests, but all of the priests were the same in this: they were sinful. And since they were sinful they had to first offer a sacrifice for their own sin before they could offer a sacrifice for others’ sins. But Jesus was different. He had no sin.