Sermons on Love and Forgiveness

Be a Peacemaker

↓ Download Service Folder 18th Sunday after Pentecost James 3:13-18 Upset equilibrium: James was not there the day that the disciples quarreled and argued amongst themselves as to who was the greatest.  He wasn’t there that day to hear Jesus step in as peace maker and say, “Anyone who wants to be first must be…

The Determination of Love

2nd Sunday in Lent, Luke 13:31-35
On the outside someone might say, “She’s got him wrapped around her finger.” But ask him, does it feel oppressive, burdening or imprisoning? His answer, “No, it feels like heaven, I’m enjoying every bit of it.” That’s what the love of Christ does for us. His determined love to go to the cross and pay for our sins no matter the cost moves us to a determined love that wants to serve Him and wants to serve others with our lives no matter the cost.