Sermons on End Times

The Eternal King Advances Your Cause!

Christ the King Sunday, Daniel 7:13-14
With Him as King, there’s no room for our bickering, fighting, complaining, but just bowing to our eternal King of kings and trusting Him because no matter what is happening around us, our King, Jesus will continue to advance HIS cause, and HIS cause is YOUR cause, for YOUR eternal benefit! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Why do you do what you do?

Christ the King Sunday, Matthew 27:27-31
You do what you do because you have a King like none other who suffered and died for you, who loves you beyond all comprehension, and whose grace and mercy are too incredible to grasp. That’s why you go to work, that’s why you take care of your family, that’s why you love your spouse, that’s why you help people.

Anticipate the Day!

2nd Sunday of End Time, Matthew 25:31-46
Yes we anticipate many things in life, but first and foremost anticipate that Last Day, it’s coming, it could be today, when God will say to you, “Come, take your inheritance prepared for you since the creation of the world! ”