Sermons on Our sinful human nature

7 Words from the Cross

Thank the Lord for this word. Jesus prayed for the forgiveness of sinners and Jesus won the forgiveness of sinners. Jesus forgave you and me even our sins of being unwilling to forgive others from the heart. And since Jesus won your forgiveness fully and freely that means you too can forgive from the heart. Send the hurt, the pain, the anger away and forgive.

Is it worth it?

Ash Wednesday, Matthew 26:6-13
You see, to Jesus you are worth everything. It wasn’t with gold or silver that you were bought back from your previous way of life but with the precious blood of Christ, a Lamb without blemish or defect! God spent His blood on you! How much does that make you worth? How much is God’s blood worth? Priceless.

We covet what we value most; what we value most, we sacrifice the most for

9th Sunday after Pentacost, Joshua 7:19-26
You see, God’s grace in the gospel is what changes our hearts. God’s grace in the gospel moves us to want Him, to strongly desire Him. He changes our value system in life making Him, our Gracious Savior, the most important and priceless treasure in our lives.