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We are always interested in your church photographs, and you can submit them here!  All common photograph file types will work, so long as each picture is smaller than 10 Megabytes (10MB).  You can also use this page to submit other files such as documents, audio and video files, again, so long as they are smaller than 10MB.  You can submit up to 5 files at a time, so if you have more, please send them in batches of 5.

Please be sure to fill in your name and email address, these are required.  In the subject line, please note what they are for.  For example, if they are from last summer’s VBS, please enter ‘VBS 2015’ in the subject line.  By sending them, we are assuming you are giving us permission to use them on the website and other church literature.  If these files are for a purpose other than the church website, please note that as well.

Thank You!

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